Shoppers: Tax free weekend is great, but...

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The state's two day, tax free shopping frenzy can be summed up in a few words.

"Busy, very busy," said retailer Ferrell Alman.

Residents took full advantage of the discount on clothing and footwear, filling up stores both days.

"I like it. It gives people a chance to come out before school starts and get a few discounts and savings," said shopper Brittney Chavez.

"There's always good shopping here, so with the tax free, it's even more incentive to come out," said shopper David Oubre.

Retailers hired extra staff and stocked up for the tax free weekend. Lawmakers started the annual event three years ago.

While scoring a back to school wardrobe at a lower price is nice for shoppers, one of the biggest school needs isn't tax exempt.

"The biggest thing is backpacks. We sell more backpacks. That's probably one of the biggest items for back to school every year. Having those excluded, a lot of people are disappointed," said Alman.

Many say legislatures should expand the tax break to include more items. As a teacher and a mom, Chavez says she fully understands the back to school burden.

"I think it should include some school supplies, because it is hard for some parents that have multiple children to have to buy all the school supplies that are demanded these days," said Chavez.

Retailers agree and say more breaks mean more business.

"Maybe the politicians can see that if you reduce the tax burden on people and look how it stimulates the economy. And it definitely helps our business," said Alman.

Overall, retailers and shoppers say the weekend was a huge success and hope to see it return.

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