Taxis Are Less Visible In South Mississippi

If you plan on hailing a cab in South Mississippi, prepare to wait a little bit longer. Last week, Yellow Cab closed its doors and put 120 drivers out of work.

Finding a cab in South Mississippi is harder than it used to be. Yellow Cab officials blame high liability insurance and increasing competition as the main reasons for closing the company, although they did have the majority of the cabs on the road.

"You know yellow cab is out of business now, we have a lot of guests asking about difference service. We're trying to find cab," dispatcher Constance Thomas said while on the phone.

Connie Thomas is the traffic dispatcher at grand casino in Gulfport. People ask her to get to the airport, New Orleans, Mobile and other places.

"We have different companies that we'll use, that we'll call for a cab, which takes a little longer because there are only one or two cabs in that company, other than that we try to take them themselves, we really haven't figured out to do because they just stopped yellow cab service in the last week, " Thomas said.

Cabs are still available on the Coast, but the old days of walking outside and finding a ride are pretty much long gone.

"Used to be cabs waiting, like four of five of them waiting, now you can't find any cabs around here at all," valet John Killebrew said.

"Basically walk out and grab them and call them.. They might have a 15 to 20 minute wait. Now if you call them the wait is longer," shuttle driver Kenneth Price said.

He shuttles people everyday. He sees how much busier the other cab companies are today.

"The ones that are left are real busy now," Price said.

So busy there phones are ringing off the hook.

"OK, thank you. Bye, Bye," Thomas said as she hangs up phone.

Yellow cab isn't out of business completely. They have relocated their fleet of cars to another branch in Florida.