Long Beach Woman Warns About Drug Prescriptions

Billie Buza looked at some family photos and said "I remember what a good father he was. He was a wonderful dad".

She can still picture the man she was married to for seven years.  She says 32-year old Steven Buza loved life, adored their seven-year old son and showered her with love. Billie said "He was making very good money being an independent distributor for Bunny Bread, I mean, I had anything I wanted".

But over the years, Steven Buza endured pain from a job injury and arthritis. Then, a friend introduced him to Oxycontin. Billie said "He asked his friend where he could get this pain medication, who prescribed it, and they referred him to a doctor in New Orleans. From that moment on, he was hooked".

Buza says for nine months, her husband continued to get prescriptions for various drugs from the same doctor. Billie said "He didn't even know her. He just went into her office one night, at 7:00 at night, paid them $175 and walked out with 450-pills from one visit".

Buza blames the drugs for tearing apart her marriage, and destroying everything the couple had built together. Billie said "We have filed bankruptcy because of this. I mean we have nothing left. Me and my 7 year old have nothing left, because of this lady".

Steven Buza died October 6th. Billie Buza hopes sharing her ordeal will help others recognize the problem, and she has strong words for doctors who she believes abuse their medical oath.

Billie said "All these doctors care about is making money. All they care about is who drives the better car or has the bigger homes. They don't care if they're ruining families and lives".

Billie Buza says her ex-husband not only got drug prescriptions from the doctor in New Orleans, he was also able to get prescriptions from doctors in Houston, Texas, and Mobile, Alabama.