These are not your father's slot machines

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The sights and sounds of the next generation slot games are impressive. Kerry Weiswasser was so impressed she started snapping pictures to take back home to her son.

"The big screen and the graphics are just totally unbelievable. We don't have anything like that in Vegas," Weiswasswe said.

These are not your father's slot machines. They use incredible technology to grab your attention, with the hopes of grabbing some of your cash. And it goes far beyond just dropping coins into a machine.

"The player is playing a game and they want to have a great experience," said Ron Rivera with International Game Technology. "They want to have time on the device, they want to have a good time. If they're going to spend $10 or $20, they want to make sure they get some value out of their money."

And the games aren't the only things evolving. Industry leaders say today's casino customers have changed dramatically in just the past few years. They don't just want to sit at the game and wait for the money to come out, if it does. They want to have fun while they're doing it.

"No longer are people just 100 percent satisfied with just the outcome," said Steve Walther with Aruze Gaming. "You want to immerse them in a new experience. Have them with a real life reef behind them, or a Batman movie, or something of that nature."

In this industry though, some things never change, according to Rivera.

"Players are changing, the operator's needs are changing.  If a supplier or manufacturer is not changing their product, cabinets, games with the player, you won't be around for very much longer."

Depending on when casinos companies purchase the new games, and get them installed, you could be playing some of them by this summer.

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