Local Intersection Causes Major Headache

The Gulfport Sportsplex was filled with parents enjoying their kids' first game in the new soccer program.

But before these parents could make it to the battle between the Saints and the Knights, they had to fight the traffic battle at the intersection of 16th Street and Canal Road.

"When you're turning off Canal Road, coming to here, there was like four 18-wheelers that were just sitting there waiting to go into the truck stop, so I had to go through the ditch, cross over into the street coming from the gas station, go around an 18 wheeler to come up here and that was a little bit too much to get in here," said parent Tara Buckley.

"You got trucks blocking, you have cars blocking, you got everything blocking and they need to do something about it that's for sure," said parent Dustin LeMasters.

Not only is the traffic creating a problem for the people going into the Gulfport Sportsplex, it's also creating a problem for the folks who use the Canal Road exit off of I-10, and according to many of them who've had to sit in traffic for the past ten to fifteen minutes, something definitely needs to be done.

"Since we don't own the road and MDOT owns the interstate, we're gonna get together with the county and also with MDOT and see if we can't do a study to alleviate the problem- whether there can be another way to get in to the Love's Truck Stop," said director of the Department of Leisure Services George Decoux.

And truckers agree.

"Well, they need a double exit, that's what they need for trucks. that's the main thing. They just got one exit in and one exit out. That's the problem right there," said trucker Tony Armstead.

A problem that will hopefully be corrected in the future.

The Department of Leisure Services is hoping to have a meeting about the traffic congestion with MDOT and county leaders before the beginning of next year.