Chevron Refinery Celebrates 40th Anniversary

One of the largest industries in South Mississippi is now 40 years old. The Chevron Texaco refinery in Pascagoula celebrated its anniversary today. The refinery has made a huge impact since it opened 40 years ago.

Susan Cowart is proud to show her family the 40 year history behind her employer Chevron Texaco.

"Forty years--that gives security to the community and brings job opportunities to the community," said Cowart.

Chevron provides jobs for more than 1,200 people in Jackson County.

"There's been continuous investment in this community," said Rod Hartung, a former Chevron employee. "I think it shows the great strength of the community to maintain an environment to people to invest in Chevron."

The company pays 14-million dollars a year in county taxes, making it the largest taxpayer in Jackson County.  This weekend Chevron employees wanted make the public aware of the company's impact on the area.

"It allows people from the community to come in and see the employees, see the refinery, see exactly what we do," said Brandon Sanders, a ChevronTexaco employee.

Children also came out to exhibit. A Boy scout troop wanted to know more about oil refining.

"All the leaders are excited because they know they're going to learn,"said Mamie Halthon, a Scout Leader. "It's a lot of things they can see and they can learn about Chevron."

Chevron Texaco officials say this anniversary is not just focused on the past.

"It's a day when we can look back over the last 40 years, and look at our successes, but it's also a day where we can look forward," said Steve Renfroe, a ChevronTexaco spokesperson.

Employees like Susan Cowart say they're looking forward to making a lot of new memories with the company.

More than five thousand people attended the anniversary celebration.