Eagle Point Residents Voice Concerns Together

Concern over potential environmental and health hazards has brought a group of Biloxi neighbors together. Dozens of Eagle Point residents showed up at a Harrison County Wastewater meeting Thursday. They talked about problems with the neighborhood sewage treatment facility and their worries that its expansion will cause more headaches.

"We would like to be sure that it's done in a proper way to where it keeps our water safe. Our property safe and doesn't pollute the waterways," Eagle Point resident Bob Helwig said.

Residents say they're already dealing with enough pollution problems. They came armed with personal stories, photographs and charts to prove it. They also brought the results of water tests done by the Department of Environmental Quality after Saturday's sewage spill.

"That canal came back at 1700 colonies of fecal bacteria. They measure that per 100 milliliters," resident Frankie Montana said.

After a brief closed door meeting, board members agreed to have engineers study the situation.

Sharon Henson said she was satisfied.

"I think the city is responding and listening to our complaints, and I think they will do something about it."

"I'm glad to see such a great turnout," Will Esteve said. "There are a lot of people who were very interested in this project."

The Eagle Point residents at Thursday's meeting have also decided to form a homeowners association.