"Freak Accident" Reveals Local Support For County Supervisor

A Stone County supervisor says the "freak accident" that nearly ended his life has given him a deeper appreciation for his community. Duncan Hatten is recuperating at home after falling on a nail gun while working at a construction site last week. The nail gun fired twice into his heart.

It took surgeons at Forrest General two hours to remove the two 3 1/4 inch nails lodged Duncan Hatten's chest

"He (doctor) said had they been on the left side of my heart, then probably they would have hit either a chamber or an artery," said Duncan.

He showed me the scar left from an accident he remembers little about except for thinking the worst.

"I just figured that I was gonna die," said Duncan. "In fact, I told my coworker Mark Hilbern... to tell my family that I loved them, and that I figured I wasn't gonna make it."

But he did make it, and soon learned what a big heart the people of Stone County have.

"Whenever you see the outpouring of support that we had, it really touches. We had, literally, hundreds of phone calls and visits," he said.

Hatten says experience has given him a new appreciation for friends, family, and for life.

"It really makes you realize that you really don't know what is gonna happen from one minute to the next. I'm a really strong believer in God, and I really believe it wasn't my time to go last Thursday."

Hatten says he won't be able to move around much for the next few weeks, however, doctors do expect him to make a full recovery.