Homelessness Grows in Jackson County

The Salvation Army said homelessness in Jackson County is far from uncommon. While they try to give shelter, nearly 35-hundred people were homeless in Jackson County this year.

The clock is ticking for Diane Hudson and her three children who live in Section Eight Housing. Since a paperwork dispute with the Housing Authority that started more than six months ago, Hudson said they are now going to be evicted from their home in Jackson County.

"She gave me the final notice--the end of this month. That's it," said Hudson. "I will be out of her house. I don't know where we're going. All I know is we have to be out of here."

The end of this month is less than two weeks away. So Diane said her family could join the list of homeless families in Jackson County.

Shirley Adams with the Salvation Army in Pascagoula said in the shelter's 28 years of service, she's seen the Housing Authority evict many people for not turning in one form.

"We see more and more people and more and more families now that have been evicted if we couldn't help them," said Adams.

The Salvation Army reported more than 600 people living in this shelter last month.

"The month of June because of the rain and the tropical storm we saw a lot more people," said Adams. "We're seeing more families than ever."

Diane just hopes her family doesn't become part of the growing statistic of homeless people in Jackson County.

"It's still up in the air where we're going to live because we don't know yet," she said.

The Salvation Army says the Housing Authority formerly put people who were going to be homeless at the top of the housing list, but now policies have changed. These changes have caused a steady increase in homelessness in Jackson County.