Jackson County Cracks Down on Crystal Meth

Jackson County District Attorney Keith Miller says Crystal Meth, is on the rise more than ever before. He says that's because it's so easy to make, since all of the ingredients can be bought at a convenience store.

The District Attorneys office is starting a campaign to deter Crystal Meth makers.

Just last year more than 50 crystal meth labs were busted in George County. Miller says now the meth makers are headed South to Jackson County, and he's determined to slow this growing problem by educating store owners.

"We go into the stores," said Miller. "We meet with the managers. We talk to the cashiers and employees and let them exactly know what type of items the meth makers are looking for."

Some of the products that meth makers buy in bulk are Sudafed, batteries, and household cleaning supplies.   The products are all legal, but when combined they're illegal and even deadly.

The DA's office says they have started putting up signs at businesses to eduacate the public, too.

"It also tells the people that are coming in there to either steal or purchase the items that they're being watched," said Miller. "We've seen a great deterrent effect in George and Greene counties so far."

And businesses like Walgreens are already starting to take precautions to deter meth makers. They only let customers buy two packs of batteries at a time.

Wayne Lee's Grocery Store in Pascagoula is taking that a step further. Common household items like batteries and Sudafed are now only sold behind the counter. Customers have to ask an employee to get these products.

Miller says it's important for every business to take extra precuations.

"So it's very important everyone do their part to try to shut this drug down because not very often can local businesses have a deterrent effect on drug crimes in any county," said Miller.