Pascagoula Educators Work To Help Accident Victims

A nine-year old Pascagoula child is still clinging to life, and two other boys are recovering from wounds they suffered from a firework accident.

The boys were injured when they found an un-detonated firework left over from a city Fourth of July display. When they tried to light it, it exploded, and burned the children.

The Pascagoula School District has counselors on stand-by to talk to any child or a teacher who may be having problems coping with this awful accident. Schools also plan to open an account, or hold fundraisers, to help pay for the children's medical bills.

Tammy Baker remembers Kaine Price's bright smile and even brighter red hair.

"Kaine was a very cute little child, he's very curious and active, he is full of energy."

Baker taught the nine-year old boy at Eastlawn Elementary in Pascagoula last year. That's why it's so hard for her to deal with the news that the charming, young man is now fighting for his life.

"My heart sank, I felt really bad for Kaine," Baker said. "I woke up at 5:30 this morning, with Kaine on my mind. I heard something on the news last night, and I went to sleep thinking about him."

Kaine and his uncle, ten year old Cooper Price, were burned while playing with an undetonated firework at Beach Park. Principal Robert Weathersby is very close to both boys.

"Very sad, just shocked, whenever that happens to a child or anyone, it's a sad thing," Weathersby said.

"It just broke my heart, I hate for any child to get hurt, but when you know one of the children and you know how the things can happen so quickly," Teacher Lucy Bartlett said.

For now, the teachers know there's nothing they can do by rely on a higher power to help the children heal especially little Kaine.

"I held his hand and said a little prayer with him, and just prayed that God will take care of him and help him through the situation. Heal him the best that he could," Baker said.

Kaine Price remains in critical condition at the USA Children's Hospital in Mobile. Cooper Price has been released from the hospital. The third child, LeBarron Fairley, is being treated as an outpatient at the Shriners Burn Center in Galveston, Texas.