Supervisors Challenge Casino Tax Ruling

The Harrison County Supervisors want a new trial in their tax battle with the Imperial Palace Casino. Last month a chancery court judge ruled that Harrison County overtaxed the casino in 2000, 2001, 2002. There's a lot of money at stake; almost $1.9 million.

The judge determined that the Imperial Palace hotel is valued at $83 million. That's much less than the county's $128 million assessment.

The judge ruled the county used an improper index to set the tax rate. The supervisors disagree. They met behind closed doors Monday afternoon and figured out what they need to do to protect Harrison County taxpayers.

"We think the judge's ruling with regard to the insufficiency of the cost index was incorrect as well as the insufficiency of the special use permit," board attorney Joe Meadows said. "There were only two things that the he found deficient and we think he was in error in his assessment of that and we ask him to reconsider that."

The supervisors say they will file the necessary papers for a new hearing in a few days. Meadows says if the judge refuses the request, the supervisors will then appeal his decision to the state supreme court.