Vietnam War Hero Immortalized in Pascagoula

A Navy christening honoring a war hero drew people from across the country Saturday. The family of Vietnam war hero James E. Williams came here from South Carolina to celebrate the memorable occasion.

"He was in Vietnam," the wife of Williams said, "And he was the most highly decorated enlisted man in the U.S. Navy. His actions in Vietnam is how all this accumulated. He was well thought of in all of the service."

James Williams earned the Medal of Honor in battle at Vietnam. After three hours of fighting enemy troops, he and his crew took out 65 boats under fire. But his wife says he didn't even brag when he got home.

"Well, he didn't tell me what he had been through, but I was glad to see him back," said Williams.

Officials say his bravery is why this ship is being named in his honor.

"This represents the legacy of a hero, someone who represents the very freedom we have today,"said Lieutenant Governor Amy Tuck. "And it also represents how wonderful it is to have Northrop Grummon in the state of Mississippi."

"One main focus is Northrop Grummon and Mississippians build the best ships in the world," said Governor Ronnie Musgrove. "To have a ship named after him is an honor not only for the U-S Navy, but also for Mississippi."

"We're very pleased to recognize heroes from past times, and certainly the things Elliot Williams did back in Vietnam but also the rest of his life reflects greatly on America," Hansford Johnson, Acting Secretary of the Navy said.

And this reflection is why the boat will carry many more brave men like Williams in the future.