Biloxi Shoppers React To Super Wal Mart Plans

Mary Ruth Dupree shops at the Pass Road Wal Mart. If a Super Wal Mart opened across the street, she would shop there, too. But she said only because she had to.

"I would hate to see the green go," Dupree said, referring to the Broadwater golf course property that may be sold to a Super Wal Mart developer. "That's the last green spot we have left."

A few cars away, Jennifer Harris put away her Wal Mart purchases.

"I think they'll make a lot of golfers mad," she said about the Broadwater sale. "But a Super Wal Mart in Biloxi would be way better than in D'Iberville."

Councilman Tom Wall isn't so sure. "I'm absolutely appalled," he said.

Wall's ward recently lost the Edgewater Bay golf course. He didn't hear until Friday that Super Wal Mart wanted to take over the Broadwater's tee boxes.

"That's just not the place for a Wal Mart," he said.

It's interesting to note that after the Edgewater Bay plans were announced, councilman Wall's phone never stopped ringing. Neighbors called to say Biloxi couldn't afford to lose that green space. When the Broadwater deal came out Friday, not a single person urged Wall to save the golf course. However, the councilman was confident that in time, they would.

"I feel really bad about it. I'm unhappy about it," he said. "It's just a beautiful, beautiful piece of property. And it shouldn't be used for a Wal Mart. It should not be paved over."

A Super Wal Mart can only be built on the golf course property if Biloxi approves a zoning change. The zoning issue should be addressed before October. That's when the President is supposed to close its deal to sell the Broadwater property.