Couple Celebrates 64 Years Of Marriage

It's been half a century since Mount Everest was conquered, but in Moss Point, a husband and wife have stayed together longer than that. After 64 years together, Walter and Earlie Jimmerson say, despite their "peaks and valleys", they wouldn't have made the journey in life without one another.

Most weekends, their home on Winona Drive is bustling with activity. The front porch is filled with members of the Jimmerson family swapping stories about their lives.

This weekend's hot topic on the porch: Walter and Earlie Jimmerson's 64th wedding anniversary on Sunday.

"I didn't have any idea I was going to marry her,"Walter Emmerson said.

Walter met Earlie in middle school in Northeast Mississippi. They married two years later, and eventually moved into their Moss Point home in 1963, where they raised their youngest daughter.

The house is filled with many memories and pictures. It can be difficult to keep up with 8 children, 25 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandchild.

"I just look at them and just say, Lord, I thank You because we come through some rough times but the Lord brought us and we're all still together," Earlie Jimmerson said.

The Jimmersons said putting God first has been the secret to their successful 64-year-marriage and Mrs. Jimmerson offers some advice to singles who are still looking.

"Whenever he puts you together, you're going to know it, but when he puts you together, nobody can separate you," Earlie Jimmerson said.

The Jimmerson's children said they will celebrate Walter and Earlie's hallmark anniversary, and have just one wish.

"I'm hoping and praying this wedding anniversary will bring us a little bit closer together, that's all I ask, just to keep us together, that's all I ask," Jimmerson's daughter Minnie Collier said.