Mobile Home Residents Say Gulfport Is Not Playing Fair

Some residents of a mobile home park are upset with the city of Gulfport. The city has told them they have to move immediately. The residents want some time.

Back in January, the city cut off water service because the owners of the Trailer Haven Mobile Home Park on East Pass Road have not paid the bill in years. Residents say it's not their fault, and they want to keep living there, or at least be given the proper amount of time to vacate.

City officials claim the residents were told months ago that because of unsanitary conditions, caused by not having running water, they would have to move.

The residents dispute that. They say they were not notified until Monday, when they received a notice saying they have to be out by May 22nd.

The handful of people who still live there say they will try to be out by the 22nd. The city has made it clear, if they don't vacate, the residents are breaking the law.