Saucier Family Loses Everything In House Fire

Angela Bosarge says on Saturday, she and her 17-month-old daughter barely escaped after they awoke to find their home in flames. Bosarge says a desperate jump from a window saved her and Charisma just minutes before fire engulfed her home.

"I got up and I was checking her to make sure she was okay, to make sure she had no scratches on her and I noticed my arm was just hanging. Nerves was just coming out," said Bosarge.

Fixing the cuts on her arms and legs took 175 stitches, but Bosarge says it isn't as easy figuring out what do next. The fire reduced everything she owned to a pile of ash and rubble.

Her mother, Wanda Prehoda, also lived there. She says losing the house her parents bought some 60 years ago is like having a death in family.

"It's like you're burying your mother and your father all over again," Prehoda said.

Bosarge says she and her daughter owe their lives to their dog. The dog woke her up when the fire broke out and that's how she was able to escape in time. Sadly the heroic dog died in the blaze.

The family knows they'll never get the back the pictures and special mementos that burned with their home but they're hoping a generous community will help with their needs. They would appreciate any donations as they try to get back on their feet.

If you would like to help please call 497-8402 or 864-1770.