High School Students Get Up Close Look At The Military

For some high school students, opportunity didn't knock on Tuesday, it landed. Army National Guard members landed a helicopter on the lawn of D'Iberville High School. The "fly-in" was part of a recruitment program that lets students get an up close look at some of what the military does.

Frank Skewes in a member of the Army National Guard. He's also a high school student who says recruiting young people to the military should be more about showing than telling.

"When they get a hands on experience, it just makes it that much more real to them because it's actually in front of them," said Skewes. "They can actually touch and feel and see."

The fly-in took students out of the classroom, but the education continued. They got an up-close look at the equipment they might encounter if they join the service. Recruiters say college tuition is the main reason many students choose to jump on board with the military, but it's not the only one.

"Patriotism. Serving your county is now a good selling point and should have always been. We really have a lot of young men and women now that want to serve and want to serve their country because of what's going on," Sgt. Tony Kennedy said.

Some students said they enjoyed the learning experience, even if the military isn't what they had in mind for their future.

"It gives a very open perspective to people and shows them what's out there," said student Amy Godwin.

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Cliff Canoy says the program's main function is to encourage students to become better citizens.