Coast Man Among Nation's Top 100 Medics

Ed Friloux starts his day checking his gear and medical supplies. Although he's been a paramedic for American Medical Response for only eight years, he grew up learning about the profession from his father.

Ed Friloux said "When I was growing up, I said I wasn't going to be like my dad, but I turned out to be like my dad".

Friloux's main job is to respond to medical emergencies in Rural Harrison and Hancock counties. He not only eases his patients' pain, but also their anxieties.

Friloux said "I'm not necessarily the best person to start I.Vs, there's probably people better at it than me, but I always try to make them smile".

Friloux also spends a lot of time doing volunteer work and inspiring young people to become medics. He is the coordinator of the EMS Explorer Post for teens.

Phil Berg is AMR's Quality Assurance Manager. He said "Ed is dedicated to his job and responsive to everybody's needs. He's a never-say-no kind of individual. Sometimes we take advantage of that, and he never complains".

That's why his co-workers nominated Friloux as this year's "Star of Life" recipient. Friloux says receiving the honor was quite a surprise, but he believes his biggest reward is knowing he has touched a life. One man comes to mind.

Friloux said "He shook my hand and said thank you for saving my life. He had a heart attack a couple months prior. I didn't remember him, but he remembered me and that was just a good feeling".

The "Star of Life" award is given out by the American Ambulance Association. Ed Friloux will head to Washington D.C. May 4th to receive a plaque and a medal during a recognition ceremony.