Another Doctor Forced To Stop Practicing

Dr. Joe Jackson explained the medical malpractice crisis to his patients and why it's forcing him to close his doors. The patients don't like hearing he can no longer treat them.

"So now we have to start from scratch and find another doctor that's covered by our provider and it's unneccessary," says patient Richard Bruton.

Jenelle Gordon says, "I don't have a doctor now, I just, I depend on him. I've been comin' to him two times a week for the last four for five years."

Liz Lebherz says, "I depend on this man and it isn't that way anymore. If I have trouble I have to go back to Hopkins, get on an airplane and go back to Hopkins."

Jackson never dreamed he would find himself without insurance.

"You maybe expect that if you're a neurosurgeon, maybe you expect that if you're an OB/GYN because they're high risks, ya know they get sued a lot. Neurology doesn't get sued."

Jackson can't even get insurance with the one company that's still writing medical policies because he says the company is now covering so many other doctors. Jackson says the doctors who are covered now have a false hope it will last.

"But they're gonna wake up just like I woke up when they find out they either can't afford their insurance in a year from now or worse than that like me don't have any insurance at all they're gonna be looking at moving down the road," he says.

That's what Jackson may have to do. Ironically the day after his coverage lapsed, his license to practice in Alabama arrived in the mail.

"If I can't find a solution within a month I can't afford to keep my office open, I have to go somewhere. Alabama looks awfully good right now."