Students Go To "Work" At Stennis

Students got to see a lot of their parents high tech duties at Stennis. One of the day's highlights was a demonstration of how liquid nitrogen is used.

"It was about liquid nitrogen and how it can freeze things like make a banana solid...things like that and it's really interesting," Pearl River County Junior High Student Robin Worthy said.

Robin's father is a project manager. He brought Robin to work to expose her to unconventional career fields.

"My wife, her mother is a retired military officer which was kinda a non-conventional field at that time so I just wanted to continue that type of behavior, instill that type of behavior," Worthy said.

"You can also design airplanes whether it be rockets or there's a wide variety of things you can do as an aerospace engineer," Aerospace engineers Wayne North and Casey Kirchner told the students.

Astronaut Linda Godwin was on hand to assure the kids that career choices in the space industry are endless.

"You look across NASA you can do just about anything...any kind of science, engineering you're gonna find it represented there and I think when they get to come to a NASA center like they are today it's good cause it gives you a glimpse of what you do in real life with the things you study in school," Godwin said.

One student says spending the day at Stennis gives him a better understanding of just what the employees do.

"Now that I know how they work and the things they're doin, I have a better feeling for maybe wantin' to pursue a career, an astronaut or bein' an engineer," Jacque Jackson said.

Jackson said that's a career he may never have considered before seeing close up what the space industry has to offer.