Military Support Evident At Lunch

A spoonful of fried rice and a side of American pride. For military men and women at this Chinese restaurant, that combination tasted pretty good. Just ask Lola Hall. As the Air Force member walked through the buffet, she said the free meal equaled "good food. So it's nice."

Nearly 200 members of the military got a free lunch courtesy the Military Service Organization. Tracey Rainer represents the MSO. "We just want to give something back to the military," he said. "Show our appreciation and everything they have done for all of us."

Alan Campbell had his Air Force uniform on as he went through the free buffet. "It means a lot to me personally and to the guys I work with," he said. "Especially after being deployed last year. It really means a lot to have folks back here appreciate what we're doing, letting us know they appreciate what we're doing."

Glenn Ferreri was a two time winner at this lunch. The Army National Guard member got the meal, and a gift certificate to the mall. "I think it just shows tremendous support in the community in how they support us and support the President of the United States by supporting us," he said.

Sometimes the support can be seen through yellow ribbons, or American flags. At this restaurant, a free plate of Chinese food reminded 200 military members that they had the support of the Biloxi community.