D'Iberville Mayor Expects Casino Approval By August

This is a story that's been making waves in D'Iberville for years. Mayor Rusty Quave and other city leaders want a casino to dock west of I-110. "This will mean jobs for the community," the mayor said.

Not everybody thinks D'Iberville should bait a hook and reel in a casino, especially one so close to the city's boat launch. Katayna Evans brought her children to the boat launch so the could go fishing. "I'm not for a casino here," said Evans.

So far, the city's shoreline hasn't changed. And it won't, unless an environmental impact study determines that the city's latest casino proposal is okay. Mayor Quave said he expects the developer to get the go ahead for its casino project by August first. If it does, a 80,000 square foot casino barge would dock west of I-110. And a 15 story, 300 room hotel would be built right behind it.

"This project has always been a good project," said Quave. "But because of political reasons, it's never been approved. It's been a long battle. And we can see the light at the end of the tunnel."

If Mayor Quave is right, and the light at the end of the tunnel leads D'Iberville to its first casino, the developer has plans to protect and enhance the wetlands north of Bayshore Drive. The casino resort would be built on the southside of Bayshore -- with Imperial Palace, Beau Rivage and potentially a Caillavet Street casino as its backdrop.

Mayor Quave admits that he's anxiously waiting for his chance to set sail on D'Iberville's first casino adventure. "Let's all work together to grow the gaming market of the entire gulf coast," he said.