Coast Residents Help To Plant Seeds Of Peace

Sadako Lewis grew up in Japan listening to the stories of her country's pursuit of power.

"I was born after World War two, but I heard so much about what Japanese people did to other Asian countries, you know, wanted to conquer and bring innocent people from other countries and they had to fight as Japanese soldiers and it's wrong, you know," said Lewis.

Lewis believes planting the seed of peace within one person will eventually spread throughout the world.

That's why she joined a group of people who share the same sentiment.

They came together to raise money for the international organization "Seeds of Peace".

Dr. Daniel Romm wanted some help to raise awareness about the organization and perhaps bring more teens to the summer camp.

"These children get together in a camp setting and they can learn that the other side is not terrorists or is not a killer or is not a murderer, that they have the same goals and many of the same beliefs even and the religions have very similar foundations and very similar ideals," said Romm.

"It seems to be the only thing working. The adults haven't gotten to the peace but the teenagers that have participated are determined that they will have peace in their lifetime, and I think they've got the skills to do it, so it's real exciting," said Mary Helen Schaeffer.

"Everyday at our prayer time at home, we say our prayers and at the end we almost always ask for peace throughout the world but particularly in the Middle East, and I think this may be the answer to our prayers," said Romm.

It costs nearly $2,000 to send one teen to the summer camp.