Cheap Gas No April Fool

By 7:30 Tuesday morning, a line of cars waited to pull into Slippery Nick's Citgo station on Highway 49. Drivers say it's been a long time since a regular gallon of gas cost $108.

"I can't even remember when I seen gas this cheap," said one woman.

Hearing about the bargain rates on Kicker 108 radio, dozens of people waited in line to fill up their cars with the cheapest gas in town.

"I heard it on the radio. I thought it was an April Fool's joke," one man said. Another woman said, "Yeah, I did think it was an April Fool's, I thought they were messin' with me this mornin' so I said I'm gonna go drive by there and check it out."

During her live remote broadcast, Kicker 108 DJ Gwen Wilson assured listeners this indeed was no joke.

"People are finally takin' advantage of this. A dollar and eight cents until 8'oclock for your gas at Slippery Nick's."

At that price, Lynn Tubbs tried a little hip action by bumping on his truck to make room for more.

"I'm gonna get a hundred if it'll hold it but it won't hold it, it'll be about 20 gallons;" said Tubbs, laughing.

Some drivers saved almost half of what they usually pay for a tank of gas.

"Usually about 45 to 50 dollars, pretty expensive. At this price you know you're comin' to get it," said one woman driving a big Chevy Suburban.

Owner Nick Dorich says he knew lots of people would show up, he says he just wanted to do something fun on this day of pranks and jokes.

"Decided to have a little bit of fun, take some stress outta the world, promote a new restaurant we're openin' up April 15th and just have a little bit of fun and let the public benefit from it. We thought it'd be kinda' crowded, we had people in here at 6:30 this mornin' waitin' to get gas," Dorich says.

By 8am when gas went back to its regular $1.54, the station had sold nearly 1,600 gallons. The cashier told us that's a whole lotta gas for just an hour.