USM Campus Rallies Behind Troops

Half a world away from the on-going bombing of Bagdad, students, teachers, veterans and citizens say as the war intensifies, America needs to get behind its military. World War ll and Korean War

Veteran Roger Karnitz says, "We've got to support our troops wherever they are."

"The troops who are currently serving in any campaign need to feel that back home people are supportin' and backin' them, that the purpose is noble and correct," says Korean War Veteran Chuck Singleterry.

A yellow ribbon will stay around an oak tree at the entrance to the campus rose garden until the students and faculty who are serving their country, as well as all the other soldiers come home safely.

USM Student Wileen Cooksey says, "I'm a proud member of the 186th air national guard based in Meridian and several of my family and friends are overseas right now and I feel it's very important to support all the troops over there who are fighting for our freedoms that we have everyday and take for granted."

Becky Eubanks of Hattiesburg says, "I just wanted to come out and try to do somethin' to support the troops and support Bush because there's so many out there that are doggin' and doggin' ' ya know the troops and what's goin' on over there."

Others say anti-war demonstrators need to be more respectful of those fighting in Iraq.

USM Student Nichole Shioli says, "And they sure don't wanna be watchin' television and see our own people from the USA protesting the war because we should support them at all costs, they're dying for us."

"I think they should be supportin' the troops even if they don't believe in the war, support the troops cause they're already over there," says Hattiesburg Resident Rhonda Allen.