Local Reporter Among Troops Ready To Move Into Iraq

Thousands of U.S. troops are amassed in Kuwait ready to move into Iraq. Among those troops are 200 Marines from Gulfport, and traveling with them is Sun Herald reporter Patrick Peterson.

WLOX News spoke with Peterson late Wednesday night, about an hour after the attack on Iraq began.

"The Marines did hear the President's speech. The reaction was great approval . They're glad he set a deadline and glad this is beginning," Peterson said.

Peterson couldn't tell us exactly where he was calling from, but said it wouldn't take long to get into Iraq.

"We are standing ready. We are completely packed up and ready to move at a moment's notice toward the border," Peterson said.

The group did face some challenges with equipment that hadn't been well maintained. But it wasn't anything that couldn't be fixed with perseverance.

"They worked heroically to get their machines in good condition and ready to go. They're just ready to get this started and ready to get home, " Peterson said.

The South Mississippi reporter says he intends to stay with the group the whole time they're deployed.

"We are part of a great, great army prepared to move."