Biloxi teens learn how to tackle daily challenges

By Trang Pham-Bui – bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) – Rob Miller knows what it takes to create a strong team and become a great leader.

"You cannot be in violation of any standard at this school," Miller told a group of seniors at Biloxi High. "Everybody underneath is looking at you."

Miller is from Michigan and he spent 12 years coaching high school, college, and youth basketball.  He is now using his experience with sports teams to build teamwork among high school students.

"We use sports as the analogy.  But the key to it is everybody is on a team. There are teams of all shapes and sizes, whether it's a school team or a sports team or whether they're a family team. Whatever it is, everything is a team," said Miller.

On Wednesday, Miller delivered his message to each class at Biloxi High, starting with the seniors.  He encouraged leadership, respect, and putting others before yourself.

"There are people that go look at me!  Look at me, instead of look at us.  You want this to be about this school, not about you," Miller told the students.

And if they value their classmates, Miller said that will help reduce problems like bullying and violence.

"We tend to pick on other people because we don't feel secure about ourselves and I think a lot of things he said needed to be said," said senior Camille Dunnings.  "So people can understand that's not right. Everybody is different and it's cool to be different."

"Specific people think, 'Well, I'm older and I'm bigger and I can pick on you.'  I'm hoping that with him talking to us, a lot of people kind of get the message that it's not right to do that.  We should pull together as a class," said senior Cherie Hernandez.

Those are life lessons that will help the students leave a legacy when they graduate.

Miller also had a message for parents.  He held a separate night session that focused on setting goals and ways that parents can help their children deal with conflict.

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