Former Pascagoula students return to hometown schools to teach

By Patrice Clark- bio | email

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - More graduates from the Pascagoula School District are returning home to teach. The district now has 200 alumni educating students in the classroom.

Nancy Price said she has a lot in common with her biology students. She also once learned the fundamentals of science at Pascagoula High School.

"I had great memories of my teachers at Pascagoula High School," Price said. "They inspired me and they made learning fun," Price said.

Down the hall, Price's daughter and a son-in-law, both former students, are also teaching at their alma mater. The group calls this a family affair.

"It saves gas money too," David Magee said.

This family is just part of the alumni group that's now giving back to the community through education.  The teachers said returning home is a great opportunity for them because they can connect with the students and understand their learning needs.

"Living here means I know more about local resources, and I know more about my students because they are also my neighbors," Renee Magee said about the benefits of teaching at her hometown school.

"We can discuss the way it was back when you were in school and the way it is different now," David Magee said.

Teacher Mary-Virginia Clause has the same opinion as her colleagues. Clause graduated from PHS in 2002 and began working at the school this year. She said the job gives young people another local to look up to.

"I am new here, but I do see a lot of my seniors saying that she's young, and she's fun, and she is smart," Clause said.

One main reason why teachers said they wanted to return to the same classrooms where they once learned is to give students the same quality education they received.

"When you live here and work here, you are more invested; you care more about the success of the students."

School officials said Pascagoula High School has the most alumni teachers in the district.

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