Pascagoula Choir Heads For Big Apple

It's something that only happens in dreams. But for this choir it will soon become reality. Choir director Gary Anglin approached the choir almost two years ago when he received the invitation. He says it's something church members should be proud about.

"We're tremendously excited about it. It's an opportunity of a lifetime."

Church and choir member Laura Jones has never been to New York. And she never thought she'd go for this.

"All my life I've always thought only famous singers went there," she said.

"Not all choirs sing in Carnegie Hall and it's just gonna be a wonderful time," replied Margret Moffett a fellow member.

And not many get the opportunity to sing under famous composer John Rutter in a 250-voice choir.

"That's quite an honor. I loved some of his music, especially 'For the Beauty of The Earth'," says Moffett.

Anglin says his choir is a dedicated group that deserves such an honor.

"I'm extremely proud of them. They work hard, and they like to do good music. They like to do it well."

As well as performing at Carnegie Hall, the choir will sing Amazing Grace at Ground Zero and take in the sights and sounds of broadway and downtown New York. Some even plan to visit Good Morning America's studios to hold up signs for their family members.

By Jennifer Holliman