Rumble strips slow speeders in D'Iberville neighborhood

By Steve Phillips - bio | email

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - A D'Iberville city councilman says the use of "rumble strips" seems to be reducing the speeding problem in the Forest Cove subdivision.

Residents of that neighborhood have long complained about drivers going way too fast.

First term Councilman Stephen Furney said he heard plenty of complaints about excessive speed being a serious problem in Forest Cove.

D'Iberville Police have written plenty of speeding citations in that area.  Newly installed rumble strips are also reminding motorists to slow it down.

Councilman Furney said the traffic devices are already making a difference.

"It's just a trigger mechanism to hit your brain, you know, slow down. There could be kids in the yard and they want to be able to go outside and play in the yards after school," Furney said.

"They're definitely a deterrent to speeders," said Capt. Keith Davis with the D'Iberville Police Department. "And I believe they're good for the community. We received several complaints from neighbors that people are speeding down these streets. We've written numerous citations for speeders."

One longtime resident knows all too well about the problem and potential danger that speeders in this neighborhood represent.  That's why she installed wooden barriers in her front yard more than 30 years ago.

"They would just go around the corner so fast that they just couldn't go. And they'd end up actually where that driveway is and we had one right up into the house," Margaret Emmons said.

Her wooden barriers have prevented that from happening again.  She said the rumble strips seem to be putting the brakes on speeding.

"It has made a difference. It has slowed them down. But, like I said, there's several of them that go around, which  may cause a problem 'cause people on the other side will run into them," Emmons said.

"We got a list of about 20 streets we're going to do. So, it's not only going to be in that one spot, it will be all throughout the subdivision to slow the traffic down," Councilman Furney said.

Other cities along the coast have used the more traditional speed bumps or speed humps. Ocean Springs, for instance, installed them on several streets where speeding was a problem.

Councilman Furney said after looking at several such devices, he thought the rumble strips would work best in Forest Cove.

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