Family Pet May Cause Loss Of Homeowners Insurance

Chad and April Broussard are expecting they're first child after five years of marriage.

"It might be a girl but we're not sure," April said.

But the presence of another girl in the family leaves them in a state of uncertainty and disbelief.

"I got this letter in the mail Friday. They say they recently completed a home care review. And the following repairs they want done, will be ineligible breed of dog," Chad said.

Their two-year-old Rottweiler puppy named Shelby is what needed to be repaired, or rather removed from the Broussard's home.

"I don't think we have to get rid of our dog just to keep our homeowners insurance,"April said.

Insurance that claims Rottweilers and pit bulls are among what they deem as "vicious breeds".

"We've had her for a few years now and she is like part of the family," April said.

"Would they want you to throw your grandma out if she got vicious . I mean... she's a member of the family, just like your grandmother is, you know," Chad said.

A part of the family whose only fault may be putting the protection of its owners in jeopardy.

WLOX tried to contact the insurance company, but was unsuccessful.

However, the company's website does say it provides coverage for pets, but it doesn't specify what type of pets they may be.

The Broussards have lived in their home for four years, and say they've never filed an insurance claim.

They hope to work things out with their company, but if not, they will shop around for another one.

But one thing is for certain, Shelby will stay at home.