Minor should have been given a furlough

A sad event happened earlier this week for the people of Ocean Springs. Sylvia Minor died after a long battle with brain cancer. Her husband of 42 years, Paul, was not able to be by her side as she passed away. That's because federal prosecutors said no to his request to be with his wife in her final moments.

You see, Paul Minor was convicted two years ago of judicial bribery charges and sent to prison. In the past few weeks, he repeatedly requested a furlough from prison to be with his wife at the end of her life. We believe he should have been given a furlough.

In the past we have done editorials criticizing the release of some criminals, but, in all those instances our editorials involved murderers and rapists. Let us be clear, we are not saying that killers and rapists be released on furlough. Yes,  Paul Minor is a convicted criminal, but he is not a dangerous criminal. That is why we question why Minor's furlough request was not granted.

He could have been released under house arrest, and monitored with an ankle bracelet. But federal prosecutors were heartless and uncompassionate. They were bound and determined to keep him Paul Minor behind bars, to punish him for his wrongdoing. And in doing so, they not only punished Minor, but also, his innocent wife Sylvia, who longed for the company of her husband in her dying days.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager

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