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  Mental health during COVID-19

  Thursday’s COVID-19 FAQs with Dr. Swinney

  Wednesday’s COVID-19 FAQs with Dr. Penico

  SRHS CEO shares warning amid increase in COVID cases

  Pass Christian now requires mask wearing in all city buildings

Pass Christian mayor Chipper McDermott, who instituted the requirement this morning, elaborates on his decision to do so.

  Tuesday's COVID-19 FAQs with SRHS's Dr. Randy Roth

No South Mississippi under the elective surgery mandate, but there were 105 new cases on the Coast.

  Catholic Dioceses of Mississippi speak out against ‘evils of racism’

Mississippi's Catholic Bishops issued a joint statement against the evils of racism. The bishop of Jackson, Joseph R. Kopacz, addresses the issue further.

  Monday's COVID-19 FAQs with Dr. Jesse Penico

Infectious disease specialist at Memorial Hospital, Jesse Penico, gives insight into the rise in COVID-19 cases.

  Pascagoula city employees test positive for coronavirus; Masks now required in city buildings

Pascagoula city manager Michael Silverman discusses the new move to implement mask-wearing inside city buildings

  Friday's COVID-19 FAQs with Dr. Nicholas Conger

Mississippi is still seeing increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases, causing concerns to rise this Independence Day weekend. Joining us now is Dr. Nicholas Conger.

  DMR Exec. Dir. Joe Spraggins on DMR funding

The Mississippi Dept. of Marine Resources operational and patrol boats back on the water today after a budget stalemate in the legislature left DMR unfunded.

  The pandemic's impact on mental health

How is the coronavirus pandemic impacting mental health here on the coast? Professional counselor Christopher Ras joins us now with his insight.

  Thursday's COVID-19 FAQs with Dr. Andrea Logan

Harrison County saw the biggest spike in COVID-19 cases Thursday with a record 50 cases reported. Jackson County also saw a significant rise.

  Trooper Cal Robertson on "Drive Right, Mississippi" campaign

To help keep travelers safe this holiday weekend, the Mississippi Highway Patrol is set to begin its "Drive Right, Mississippi" campaign.

  Sen. Brice Wiggins on CARES Act spending plans

The Mississippi Legislature is out with a new round of CARES Act spending plans, including nearly $300M for rural broadband and distance learning programs.

  Animal cruelty bill finally becomes law in Mississippi

After a long battle to get an animal cruelty bill passed, Senator Angela Burks Hill's bill has finally been signed into law by the governor.

  Coastal Mississippi CEO Milton Segarra looks ahead to July 4th Weekend

As we head into the Fourth of July weekend, we look at how COVID-19 is impacting our tourism industry with Coastal Mississippi CEO Milton Segarra.

  Wednesday's COVID-19 FAQs with Dr. Nicholas Conger

Joining us now with his insight is Dr. Nicholas Conger, an Infectious Disease Specialist at Memorial Hospital in Gulfport.

  Rep. Sonya Williams Barnes reflects on Mississippi flag change

Representative Sonya Williams Barnes gives us a sense of the mood at the state capital on this historic day.

  Biloxi Councilman Felix Gines on the battle to change Mississippi's state flag

Now that the flag is finally changing, Biloxi City Councilman Felix Gines joins us with his view of the journey up to this point.

  Tuesday's COVID-19 FAQs with Dr. Mike Finan

Joining us with his insight on the current COVID-19 crisis is Singing River Health Systems Oncologist Dr. Mike Finan.

  Mississippi Rising Coalition celebrates the state flag change

Mississippi Rising Coalition's Lea Campbell joins us from Hinds County where folks are gathering at the courthouse to celebrate the retiring of our state flag.

  Monday's COVID-19 FAQs with Dr. Jesse Penico

Joining us with his insight is Dr. Jesse Penico, an Infectious Disease Specialist at Memorial Hospital in Gulfport.

  Biloxi NAACP President James Crowell on historic flag vote

Biloxi NAACP President James Crowell joins us with a look at what's ahead now that the Mississippi state flag is being retired.