Wesley Williams

Wesley Williams


Biloxi, MS

Wesley is your Gulf Coast guy. Born and raised in New Orleans, schooled in Meteorology in Mobile, Wesley has lived in almost every Gulf Coast state, except Florida.

As a 5th grade student, Wesley's passion for weather blossomed early on. Perhaps it was the landfall of Hurricane Georges, perhaps it was his visit to the mock TV set at the local Children's Museum, something that year made him know that he wanted to be a broadcast meteorologist when he grew up.

Wesley received his Bachelor's of Science degree in Meteorology from the University of South Alabama. And his TV career began in beautiful Marquette, a small Michigan city. It's one of the snowiest places in the country, averaging over 100 inches of snow per year.

"Forecasting winter storms and extreme cold weather events in Upper Michigan offered quite a challenge," Wesley recalled. "But, I'll always cherish my time there as a morning Meteorologist; the people are so kind."

Despite the pleasant summers and the amazing fall foliage there, the -30 degree wind chills had Wesley longing for home. Putting his days of snowmobiling and sledding behind, Wesley returned to his home state. It seems he brought some of the cold with him: a February 2014 ice storm froze the Monroe area to a standstill, knocking out power for thousands.

"I was really thankful for my winter storm forecasting experience at that time," commented Wesley.

Severe and tornadic thunderstorms frequented north Louisiana during active weather seasons. But Wesley's favorite season of all is hurricane season.

"I blame my passion for tropical storms on a fascinating college course where we tracked systems across the Atlantic and into the Gulf."

While Wesley and his high-school-sweetheart wife spend a lot of spare time discovering local eateries, he often hangs out on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, sending weather updates and more.

A first-time Mississippian, he is delighted to live so close to water again.

"I can't wait to experience the Gulf Coast beach life and beyond!"

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