WATCH: Family finds their missing dog while attending pet adoption event

A missing dog got reunited with its owners after being found at an adoption event. (Source: Animal Care Centers of NYC/AMAZING ANIMALS+/TMX)
Published: Jun. 10, 2023 at 1:48 PM CDT
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NEW YORK (Gray News/TMX) - A lost dog has been reunited with its family after they all came together by chance at an animal adoption event.

The family’s dog named Mocha had been lost since they went on vacation for a week in January. They left her with a friend but were devastated to learn she was missing when they returned home.

According to the Animal Care Centers of New York City, Mocha was found tied to a post near one of its locations about a month ago and was brought in by a police officer.

“Volunteers and staff members noted that her temperament was that of a true family dog,” a spokesperson for the agency said.

This week, the animal care team shared a video of Mocha, who they were calling Sandy since she was taken in, recognizing her family while the agency was hosting the adoption event.

The family said they were at the event hoping to adopt another dog when they saw her.

“I’m telling you, this is my dog,” a man could be heard saying in the video while his children played with Mocha. “I can show you pictures.”

After verifying the family’s proof of ownership and witnessing the animal’s ecstatic reaction, the animal care team said Mocha was able to return home with her family.