Developing RV park concerns Gulf Park Estates neighbors

The developers told WLOX News that this RV park is the best option for the property with the least amount of impact to neighbors.
Published: Jun. 6, 2023 at 6:40 PM CDT
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JACKSON COUNTY, Miss. (WLOX) - A new RV Park in development in Gulf Park Estates has some neighbors concerned that it will worsen the headaches faced by homeowners.

In March, developers purchased the abandoned Pine Island Golf Course located off Beachview Drive. The 400-acre property is surrounded by Simmons, Davis, Stark and Ramsey bayous. The property will be transformed into a luxury park that can accommodate 500 RVs.

“This is a residential area, this is not a commercial area. These are city-style streets, not Highway 90 or the interstate. If they’re going to do something this size, they need to put it where it belongs: on the interstate,” said resident Keith Broadway.

His neighbor Bob Jenkins is also worried.

“What environmental studies have been done? What about the drainage?” he asked.

“We’re taking a really conservation-minded approach to developing such a special asset,” said developer Adam Dial. “It’s really a redevelopment of an asset because it has development on it from 50 years ago.”

Dial told WLOX News, of the nearly 400 acres, only 100 acres will be developed. The remaining 300 will be left in a natural state or partially transformed into walking and cart paths.

How RVs will access the park is another concern for homeowners. Beachview Drive is a two-lane road with no shoulder and is one of two roads leading in and out of Gulf Park Estates.

“In the mornings and afternoons, if you want to back out the driveway, it’s not going to happen. Someone has to let you out. Now you’re going to bring RVs down here?” Broadway asked.

“Beachview Drive has been narrow and kind of undersized for a long time,” Dial said. “I believe Jackson County has known this and are taking steps to improve that. They have a final set of plans for the first portion, that’s my understanding.”

The developers told WLOX News the area is zoned for 1,200 condominiums and a 200-room hotel and that this RV park is the best option for the property with the least amount of impact to neighbors.

“You got an RV that comes in and doesn’t leave for three to five days,” Dial said.

Developers also plan to build a marina that will offer a taxi service to Ocean Springs in hopes of further cutting down on traffic.

That plan also concerns neighbors.

“There’s osprey nesting right there on the water. They’re going to send all this boat traffic through there. Folks from out of town won’t care about the birds,” Broadway said. “The noise is another big concern. They want to put in a clubhouse, pavilions, pools. I mean, we looked for two years before we bought this house. We didn’t buy in Pascagoula, Biloxi or Gulfport because of the noise. This is a nice, quiet, residential area.”

Dial told WLOX News the undeveloped portion of the property should minimize any added noise, and it should also prevent additional drainage issues that neighbors already face.

“No development would lessen the density than what we’re talking about,” said development partner Ed Trehern. “We’re only talking about developing 25%.”

Neighbors plan to voice their concerns at a Jackson County planning commission meeting on June 21 at 9 a.m.

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