MGCCC’s plans for new entrance design causing debate

In Biloxi, some neighbors are not happy about changes that could be on the way from Pass Road to Eula Street.
Published: Mar. 13, 2023 at 10:04 PM CDT
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BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - In Biloxi, some neighbors are not happy about changes that could be on the way from Pass Road to Eula Street.

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College presenting the project to build a new entrance for the Harrison County campus back in January.

Some Biloxi residents aren’t on board with the decision to install a new entrance way for Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College---near their property at least.

This development was announced by representatives just a few months ago. Cedric Bradley says the design calls for less traffic on Debuys Road and directs to Eula Street.

“It’s a new road that’s not only going to be beneficial for the new college, but for the community as well,” said Cedric Bradley, Vice President of MGCCC Harrison County campus.

Sherry Giacone believes creating a new entry way only increases the possibility of catching a red light, bringing the number of stops up to three in a short distance.

“Between the two lanes, each sides, north and south, we have a turning lane also. We have to maneuver with all those. We have a light here and a light there already on Debuys and Eisenhower. It’s too close. We’ve got no time to get out,” said Giacone.

“If you live on east view or west view in the west part of Edgewater Estates, there’s one entrance in and out. It will be a very short distance where this new traffic where this intersection is located and this new signal with he new community college road,” said Paul Tisdale, Biloxi Ward 5 councilman.

According to a data study, Bradley said those areas won’t be heavily impacted.

“From our traffic study with the Mississippi Department of Transportation, it shows there’s not going to be any traffic backup in their neighborhood, " said Bradley.

“We’re fortunate to live where we don’t have a lot of congestion. So if you get into a natural traffic pattern, you’re going to have red lights closer together. It’s just natural progression as far as I’m concerned, " said Tom McCormick, a Biloxi resident.

To get the ball rolling, Bradley hints homeowners gave a portion of their land for the layout.

“For us to get this road, we’ve had several individuals to donate property to the college. But, of that we were able to get road designs and start construction with it,” said Bradley.

This is only phase one of the project. MGCCC will continue to develop framework for the new access point.

Right now, construction is estimated to begin in the summer.

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