A new disc sport emerges in Vicksburg

Published: Jan. 29, 2023 at 10:52 PM CST
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VICKSBURG, Miss. (WLBT) - You’ve probably heard of disc golf or ultimate frisbee, but there’s a new flying disc sport on the radar and it originated right here in Mississippi; DiscHoops.

“It’s like a cross between basketball and ultimate frisbee. So, if you like either of those sports, you’ll probably like DiscHoops,” a DiscHoops player said.

This new sport uses some of the same rules that apply to basketball. There’s passing, defense, and shooting, but the main difference is you have a disc.

And, one player watched it all come together…

“My dad created the sport. So, I got kind of pulled in,” A DiscHoops player said. “When he started creating this sport, he was bouncing the sport off of me and a lot of the people in the community that I played Ultimate frisbee for. We played it in the very beginning when things looked very different.”

The sport caught the attention of a lot of people and because the game is so easy to pick up, more people decided to join in.

“I love the way that it so easily incorporates Ultimate Frisbee and basketball,” Brett Williams said. “The rules are just seamless.”

The Vicksburg YMCA was the first organization to support the new disc sport. They opened their gym doors and created a program that gave the sport a place to grow.

“This is the time. There are no experts in DiscHoops,” Phillip Doiron, the Vicksburg YMCA Executive Director said. “Come out here and give it a try. Anyone can throw a frisbee. You can play DiscHoops.”

So, I decided to take him up on that challenge and gave it a try myself, and it definitely is not as easy as may seem. But after 9 attempts, I finally got one in.

DiscHoops has now gone global, but the creator of the game still wants more people in the magnolia state to know about it.

Larry Storey’s goal is to shine a light on disc sports and give something the state can call its own.

“I never thought it’d be really this successful but, it all began right here, and I think it’s good for Mississippians and hopefully our sport will catch on now because frankly. I think it’s the best-kept secret in Mississippi,” Storey said.

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