Flu cases soaring at pediatrician’s offices while RSV and COVID are still concerns

Published: Oct. 25, 2022 at 8:03 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - National headlines are filled with mentions of rising RSV and flu cases. That’s on top of the continued concern for COVID-19. At Children’s of Mississippi, their numbers in the last few days for RSV and the flu have been low. However, they did see a spike in hospitalized children with RSV earlier than usual in August and September.

RSV is still out there.

“We started seeing RSV toward the end of August and in September, and it has continued on,” said Dr. Anita Henderson, President of the Mississippi chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Flu is also an issue.

“It just skyrocketed this weekend,” noted Dr. Catherine Phillippi, TrustCare Kids pediatrician.

COVID doctors are still seeing it, but not in the high numbers they did previously.

Nationally, RSV is on the rise in several states. Since the children’s hospital seems to be seeing fewer cases right now, we wanted to know if pediatrician offices are also noticing a drop in cases.

“It’s like an ebb and flow,” said Phillippi. “It’s really confusing because we’re used to just, you know, for sure nailing it by the time of year that it is. But about two weeks ago, we started to really see several fronts, especially from the local daycares around here. It’s very contagious, and so in a room of infants, you know, it is very likely that many of the infants will turn positive.”

Within the last few days, it’s another diagnosis for a lot of patients at TrustCare Kids.

“Flu has taken over all of the numbers,” said Phillippi. “And yesterday, we worked really hard to get everybody in. The weekend was crazy. I understand it was mostly the flu.”

They’re seeing similar patterns in South Mississippi.

“We’re having a very high positivity rate on flu here in my clinic,” noted Henderson. “I checked yesterday, and over half of the flu tests we did yesterday were positive. So we have over 50% positivity rate on flu here.”

Walgreens’ flu tracker also shows Mississippi is one of the states with the fastest-growing flu cases.

Flu seems to be taking at Children’s of Mississippi, as well. We’re told there were “numerous” cases diagnosed in the pediatric ER over the weekend, and the percentage of positive flu tests as of late last week has doubled.

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