Cayce Seal Memorial Bass Tournament draws in over 60 contestants

Published: Sep. 24, 2022 at 9:12 PM CDT
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GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - If Cayce Seal were here, he’d likely be fishing on a day like this.

“I couldn’t think of any other way to honor his memory and support his family than to do something like this that he loved to do, and that’s fishing,” said Jesse Williams.

So, Williams organized the Cayce Seal Memorial Bass Tournament to do just that.

About 60 people signed up for the second annual event at Captain Al’s Steak & Seafood in Gulfport.

“We don’t want this to be a money tournament,” Williams said. “We want this to be a ‘memory of Cayce’ tournament. We want Cayce’s children, who were very young when he passed, to see the impact that he had on the Coast community and the fishermen’s lives.”

Seal was an electric utility lineman who lost his life in June 2021.

Williams was a close friend.

“Cayce was a person. When you met him, you learned to love him,” he said. “I mean, if you didn’t like Cayce, you are the problem, is the way I look at it.”

That’s a life worth celebrating.

“Cayce always gave the community,” said Cayce’s father Doug. “When somebody was in need, Cayce was always there to help organize, promote or work behind the scenes for any event that he could to help people. He was always more about giving that receiving.”

It’s been a tough journey for the family.

“I can’t tell you I don’t cry, a lot. Not a lot, but daily,” Doug Seal said. “But, just from missing him, right? It’s God’s will. It’s God’s plan. Every day, it’s a process, but we’re blessed, and we believe in God and have faith. That’s what gets us through it every day.”

Seal said the money raised will help fund scholarships for lineman program at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College and Pearl River Community College.

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