Scholar Athlete of the Week: Kendyl White

Published: Sep. 15, 2022 at 10:08 PM CDT
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BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Kendyl White is not your stereotypical two sports athlete. The senior volleyball and track star at Biloxi High School spends her days excelling in the classroom, followed by hours of intense physical exertion during practice.

“Track just generally conditions me for year round things,” Kendyl says. “In track season I really push myself and then when I hit volleyball season, I just focus on volleyball. Both sports keep my endurance up, so whenever I get to track season, I still have endurance but I’m also still working to get better.”

Unlike most student athletes, Kendyl’s day doesn’t end when she gets out of sports practice. Before she can go dedicate the rest of her day to homework, she marches to another extracurricular practice.

“During marching season I play the baritone and during concert season I play the euphonium. Band is really enjoyable. I love connecting with different people. There’s different people from different social groups. It’s really nice to connect with everybody, see what they’re like and just listen to the music. It’s great,” she says.

With her senior season underway, Kendyl continues to work hard and diligently to make her post-secondary dreams become reality.

“I’m thinking about going to college maybe in state there’s two colleges I’ve been looking at but if I do plan to go out of state I kind of want to go to Florida. I’m trying to get scholarships and doing the best I can.”

Her success athletically, musically, and in the classroom has not come without sacrifice. A certain characteristic has allowed her to get through the occasional all-nighter.

“I just like to be the best and I’m very competitive so I always push to be the best and that’s been my power source.”

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