Columbine survivor brings message of grace and truth to Moss Point

Published: Sep. 1, 2022 at 6:05 PM CDT
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MOSS POINT, Miss. (WLOX) - Craig Scott lived through the horrible day on April 20, 1999, at Columbine High School, but 13 didn’t, including those closest to him.

First, his friends.

“Isaiah was trying to back up and the last thing he said was I want to see my mom,” Craig told the Moss Point High students on Thursday. “And they shot and killed Isaiah, and they shot and killed Mack.”

And then, they shot and killed his sister, Rachel Joy Scott.

Thus began his journey dedicated to her to help others to become more emotionally resilient.

“It’s not a fun thing to share my story,” Craig told WLOX. “I don’t enjoy reliving and re-sharing. What I do enjoy is the impact it has on the students.”

Scott’s presentation is not all sad. It’s also a celebration of life that he eagerly shares.

“Even thought I might look different to them, I might be coming from a different place, but they see someone who has been through something tragic, but has turned it into a positive.”

Students believe this “Chain Reaction of Kindness” will last longer than just a single presentation.

“Personally, I think I can carry this one because, like, everyone has bad days,” said sophomore Breland Armstead. “And when you think about his speech, you just want to think of the positive and not to do the bad things.”

Moss Point School District officer Kenny Dunn said this presentation could help stop a horrible situation before it starts.

“I thought the message that he brought them today, allowed them to have that comfort to be able to share their own stories with him and reach the level of being comfortable to share them with us in the event that they have any issues or things going on within them,” he said.

Moss Point High School principal Boyd West agreed.

“I think all kids, it doesn’t matter where you are, I think all kids need to hear a message of hope,” he said. “They need to understand they have the power and impact to change the world and make it better.”

At this point, Craig has spoken only to two high schools on the Coast, and organizer Romy Hall is hoping to book more between Sept. 13-16 as well as seeking more sponsors.

For more information, contact Hall at 228-323-3008 or

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