Countdown to Kickoff 2022: West Harrison Hurricanes

Published: Aug. 18, 2022 at 10:52 PM CDT
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GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) -Coming into 2022 the West Harrison Hurricanes and head coach Quincy Patrick wanted to nail down an aspect of the game that starts off the field.

“Just building confidence. Our guys had a great off season,” said Patrick. “Their bodies got bigger, they got stronger, the got faster. Just building confidence, which is probably the hardest thing to build.”

With more than 15 starters coming back this year, senior guard Bracken Bertram believes the combination of confidence and experience is a recipe for success.

“I’m looking forward to having a group of people that I’m confident we all know the offense,” said Bertram. “Last year we had some trouble, some people didn’t know this play or that play but everybody’s been here for a whole year and all summer and everybody knows what we need to know.”

One starter who is not returning is thousand-yard rusher Melvin Pickens, who was hurt in the spring.

Coach Patrick says he’s confident in those stepping into his place.

“As coaches we have that next man up mentality but our starters are starters for a reason,” said Patrick. “There’s no replacing Melvin Pickens but the guys have stepped up and their working their tails off and I’m proud o them.”

For other members of the team they’re proud of how much the Hurricanes have grown over the spring and summer as well as the last few years.

“I think all of us have become really good friends and have gotten along really good,” said senior linebacker Landen Moran. “It’s been amazing to see how people have changed, and grow, and matured over all the years.”

The road to success isn’t always an easy one but for this Hurricane group, they believe they’ve found the right path.

“We needed people to show the way,” said Bertram. “We’ve had a lot of trouble with staying on the road and this path to getting better and having those people to pick people up and get them on the road is important.”

The ‘Canes open up the season with Bay High.

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