Black bear a regular at one Saraland couple’s home

Published: Aug. 11, 2022 at 5:05 PM CDT
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SARALAND, Ala. (WALA) -It’s the talk of the Spanish Trace neighborhood in Saraland. A bear dropping in for a visit.

“I think we have a daddy bear that we see occasionally,” said Rick Budd. “There was a mom and two cubs.”

For Rick Budd and Ky West, seeing this black bear is nothing new. So much so she’s almost part of the family.

“She usually is here every other day and sometimes everyday just coming to visit,” said Budd.

“I talk to her every morning,” said Ky West. “I tell her good morning Delilah.”

Here’s Delilah’s visit from this morning where you can see her trying to work her way into the bird feeder. It’s something Budd and West say she tries to do regularly. They say one time the bear got forceful about it.

“She’s kind of shaking it through and she’s like I want more. So she would just pull on the pole and bent it down so after straightening it a few times it broke and it was time to get something a little more sturdy,” said Budd.

The video’s had several thousand views already which came as a surprise for Budd and West.

“It’s very crazy,” said Budd.

“It’s an everything day for us so for it to go viral and for people to see it I don’t know we don’t think much of it when we see it,” said West.

Because it happens so often they aren’t concerned about the frequent visits from the bears. Instead they look forward to the next time they stop by.

“You have to respect them. They are wild. When I open up the door I come out and look is she here or not. I don’t want to startle her. We just enjoy each other’s company and privacy,” said Budd.


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