Comeback Coolers deliver refreshments and love to Kentucky flooding victims

Published: Aug. 6, 2022 at 9:44 PM CDT
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LONDON, Ky. (WLOX) - Hundreds of Kentucky residents suffering through the deadly floods now have a little love from South Mississippi.

Volunteers with the Ocean Springs-based outreach group Comeback Coolers have distributed 182 coolers full of drinks and refreshments throughout some of the worst hit areas.

Those coolers are also filled with hope for better days ahead.

Heather Abigail with Comeback Coolers said the devastation is complete and widespread.

“The force of this flood was so much so that it literally washed houses away,” she said. “I mean, we say houses that were washed off of their foundations. We saw houses that were washed into each other, cars turned upside down. Entire bridges and roads washed away.”

It’s the kind of destruction South Mississippi has seen many times. Heather Abigail with Comeback Coolers describes the rushing water in a way we all can understand.

“Somebody said that the force of this water was equivalent to a wind that might be at 300 miles an hour.”

And with the destruction, family history has been wiped away.

“There’s a lot families that entire generations...they lost three or four generations of houses...they’ve lost the grandparents’ house, the parents’ house, the kids’ house.”

The Comeback Coolers once again rushing toward disaster to deliver a few refreshments and a lot of love.

Each cooler is covered with messages of hope.

Each cooler is covered with messages of hope.
Each cooler is covered with messages of hope.(submitted by Heather Eason)

“Everybody’s just really thankful,” Abigail said. “A lot of it has to do with the love that they feel from people. We heard a lot of stories today about how wonderful the volunteers have been in this area. People are saying that they cannot believe how there are volunteers from so many different places with so many different organizations.”

And when the work is finished, Abigail said she has a renewed faith in humanity.

“What I take from this is we care about each other. Even though it seems like a lot in our society right now, that there seems to be a lot of disarray and people don’t really care about each other, but that is not the truth at all.”

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