Port of Gulfport could soon receive funding for improvements

Published: Aug. 1, 2022 at 10:04 PM CDT
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GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - Federal officials stopped by the Port of Gulfport for a tour that could lead to future funding for improvements.

United States Deputy Secretary of Transportation Polly Trottenberg met with CEO of the port Jon Nass and President of the ILA Darius Johnson to talk about the port’s potential.

As a result of the Infrastructure Bill signed into law by President Biden, she’s been touring across the country visiting locations like the port.

“We are going to have 16 billion dollars to invest in port infrastructure all over the country and also work with our sister agencies like the army core of engineers to help get ports all of the help they need. The facilities, the drenching, all it takes to accommodate a port that has a lot of imports and exports and creates a lot of jobs,” Trottenberg said.

The three chatted about infrastructure, supply chain issues, and creating more jobs.

Nass told us he submitted an application to receive help to expand the port and make other improvements.

“What we asked from the secretary is for further assistance and more infrastructure. We currently have an application to expand our east terminal, but really our most critical need is the depth of our channel. We need a ditch,” Nass said.

He also asked for assistance to help solve the supply chain crisis seen across the country.

“It is simply building a ditch a little deeper. It doesn’t get simpler than that and we ask for additional support in trying to get the project done because we believe we are part of the solution,” Nass said.

According to Nass, the port has around 300-500 employees, and they hope to soon be able to provide more jobs.

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