Knight Abbey among small businesses to become big business through casinos

Published: Jul. 31, 2022 at 9:02 PM CDT
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BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Gaming has turned small businesses into big businesses. Among those, Knight Abbey Printing.

The Biloxi-based company is a dominating force in the local market when it comes to casino business – and now, its reach has gone nationwide. Knight Abbey is printing out products at a massive rate.

So much so that it has its own post office.

“We mail 150 million pieces a year, give or take,” said Jim Spiers, Vice President for Sales. “And, for the most part, most of our mail leaves straight from here and goes to the regional hub of whatever city – Las Vegas, or New Jersey, or Tampa, Fla., Dallas, Texas – wherever.”

That’s right. The Biloxi company has added a few casinos to its local clientele – more than 90 of them.

“Gaming exploded for Knight Abbey roughly 15 years ago when we started going nationwide,” Spiers said. “People from casinos locally got other jobs at different casinos. We kept them...and it just kept growing and growing and growing.”

In fact, gaming makes up 80-85% of Knight Abbey’s business. The company has seen a 225% growth in total sales.

As business grew, so did everything else.

The work force has nearly doubled in numbers, and its operation center has doubled in size from 25,000 square feet to 50,000 square feet.

The technology has improved as well.

“Three years ago, we bought even a more special press with LED, UV, Spot UV. It can foil stamp, die cut,” Spiers said. “It’s totally evolved into being what a casino wants a printer to be.”

Spiers’ wife, Tonya, is owner.

He said among their biggest achievements is being good employers for the Coast.

“We are allowed to hire people and provide for their families,” he said. “And the gaming industry, locally, has done that. And that has been a huge part. We have 65 employees. They all have kids, wives, moms, dogs, whatever. And we provide for all of them. And our job is to make sure that everybody in the back has a job.”

And will the company continue to grow?

“That’s a great question. My wife keeps saying to me, ‘How big do you want to get?’ So, we’ll see.”

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