Gulfport School District teachers gearing up for first day of school

Students at 28th Street Elementary return to school Friday, July 22nd.
Published: Jul. 7, 2022 at 6:08 PM CDT
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BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Teachers are working to get classrooms ready at 28th Street Elementary in Gulfport. In just two weeks, students return.

“What excites me is coming to work everyday and seeing the kiddos’ faces,” said teacher Kelsi Andersen. “They love me as much as I love them.”

It’s the second year for the district’s flex schedule, the first of its kind in South Mississippi. Based on research, district leaders say the year-round method is designed for students to retain more information.

“It’s really enjoyable, the kids seem to really like it,” Andersen added. “They come back refreshed, ready to learn, and they’re pumped and it’s really exciting.”

The year-round plan allows for multiple breaks, splicing up the year into four 45-day terms with two-week breaks in between. Students also get a three-week pause for Christmas.

“It’s been working so far,” said 28-year teaching veteran Tameco Wilson. “I didn’t think I would like it. As for as the teachers, they’re not burned out because they get that break. 45 days on, and a week off. It works.”

As faculty and staff continue prepping for the first day of school, student success is paramount. But some teachers say the flex schedule is advantageous for instructors as well.

“I think a lot of people are talking about the benefits for the students, it not disrupting their schedule,” said speech language pathologist Ashton Holmes. “But I think it’s also very important for teachers because we go through those same fluctuations. When students are off, I’m off. For me to get out of a routine for two to three months is incredibly difficult to kind of come back to.”

“We get in a funk like every other school,” Andersen said. “We do as teachers, students, so we need that break. We need to take a breather.”

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