Seniors citizens fire back following incumbent Congressman Steven Palazzo’s comments

Published: Jun. 10, 2022 at 5:55 PM CDT
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BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Will a debate happen between Steven Palazzo and Mike Ezell before the June 28th runoff election?

The two sides are talking, but there’s a lot of logistics to be resolved by the two campaigns like when, where and the format.

Late Thursday, Palazzo challenged Ezell to debate the issues, but when he did he took a shot at Ezell’s age.

Helen Calehuff said she’s learned a lot in her 98 years, and learned that experience is an important to look for when while voting for a candidate.

“I do a little studying before I go to the polls. I think each and every one that has that privilege to take advantage of it.”

Ahead of the June Primary Runoff, incumbent Congressman Steven Palazzo challenged his opponent’s age, Jackson County Sheriff Michael Ezell, in a statement. Palazzo said, “A 65-year old freshman in Congress is not going to be able to get done for Mississippi what I can as a subcommittee chairman on Appropriations with seniority in the House.”

Ezell is 63 and Palazzo is 52.

Calehuff said a man or woman at any age can succeed if they’re qualified.

“I rather go with a person that knows what they’re talking about. That is what I say comes with experience. Young people mean well, but a lot of them knows what’s underneath the surface,” said Calehuff.

Some seniors we talked to questioned Palazzo’s comment about age considering Former President Donald Trump was 70 when he was sworn into office, and President Joe Biden was sworn in at 78.

As in most jobs, Janice Keough said the focus should be on qualifications not age.

“I can’t say that 65 is old because I’m 70 and I think I could represent the people of Mississippi. I don’t know how old Palazzo is, and I didn’t know how old any of the candidates were. You vote for the candidate that you know can do the best job for you,” said Calehuff.

Calehuff said everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, she said we can’t just talk about it, but be about it.

“Rather than complain about our government, get in there and do what we can to help.”

Both long-time voters say one important way to do that is to vote. Mike Ezell said he’s ready for what comes next.

When WLOX News asked if he would debate Palazzo, the sheriff responded, “Yes, even though I’m an old man,” with a smiley face emoji.

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